July 31st, 2019

Hunt Military Communities Launches Program Aimed at Supporting Military Families

Hunt Military Communities Launches Program Aimed at Supporting Military Families

Hunt Military Communities, the military housing division of Hunt Companies Inc., is proud to announce the launch of its newly created, Hunt HEART Program.  This new initiative is designed to support residents and military members who live in a Hunt Military Community, with a focus on deployed spouses, military members who just returned from deployment, new residents, and those experiencing a family crisis. The HEART Program, which stands for Hunt Embraces: Activities, Resources & Training, provides services and educational training in the areas of navigating military life, how to access base resources, and activities for children and families.

"This program focuses on the unique needs military members and their families face day-in and day-out," stated Karen Plesh, Hunt Military Communities Vice-President. "Being able to support our families and help them during what are some of their most challenging times is another way we can truly show our commitment to 5-Star Service."

Some examples of services residents can receive include:

  • A comprehensive Resource Guide including on-base and local community resources
  • Introduction and guidance when navigating through new local school systems
  • Offering extra maintenance hours to deployed spouses so when requested, they can assist with unexpected needs such as removing Christmas trees, assist with hanging pictures, etc. 
  • Providing special events in support of deployed service members such as preparing and mailing care packages twice a year and delivering special treats to spouses on Valentine's Day.

The Hunt HEART Program extends all services to returning deployed military members for an additional 30 days, giving families time to acclimate and adjust to the return of their recently returned military member.

A newly created "Community Advisory Board", comprised of resident volunteers, works in conjunction with the Hunt Heart program and acts as a liaison to Hunt management to understand the challenges our residents may be facing on a personal level and helps to provide assistance. Often families may be experiencing illness or a family crisis that may be helped with local support. The Hunt Heart program looks to offer assistance and be a part of the community's efforts to support families in need.


About Hunt Military Communities
Hunt's Military Communities division is a 50-year partnership created between the Department of Defense and Hunt through the Military Housing Privatization Act. As part of the partnership, Hunt owns approximately 52,000 units spread across more than 40 military installations on Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army installations and is the largest privatized military housing developer in the nation. For more information, visit www.huntmilitarycommunities.com.

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